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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Software |

Launch OpenELEC 2.0, the Linux distribution to turn your PC into a media center

Launch OpenELEC 2.0, the Linux distribution to turn your PC into a media center

A common practice is to purchase a small PC to use as a media center (HTPC), ie to enter replacement to a traditional DVD player, managing all the music and films through increased user flexibility provides a computer , which also applies when recycling an old computer to give it a new use.

When we’re at it, the time comes when we must choose an operating system, and as we are not on the desktop but living in the household, use Windows in this class of devices does not feel well. That was created OpenELEC, today reached a stable version 2.0 and provides a user interface with a clear focus on your family use.

As distribution in essence, the great mission of 2.0 is running media player, a program that supports almost all video and audio formats, plus lots of remote controls, all under a great visual appearance designed to used in media centers, among a variety of other functions.

On the side of OpenELEC 2.0, the operating system installed in 5 minutes promises and occupy around 130MB hard disk, along with show start times under 10 seconds and support for x86 architecture computers Intel or AMD. The platform automatically updates when you access the Internet, and is based on the Linux kernel 3.2.31 Kernel.

To download we enter this link and notice that there are lots of options available depending on the type of hardware you have: Build ION (ION NVIDIA integrated graphics), Fusion Build (for AMD APU), Intel Build (Intel CPU classic with integrated graphics), Apple TV Build (to replace your operating system) and Generic Build (fit all computers, if we do not know what to download).

Link: OpenELEC-2.0 Linux distro released, turns your PC into an ‘appliance-like’ home theater device (Engadget)

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