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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Science |

Launch website to give an application to patent underutilized

Launch website to give an application to patent underutilized

There are many for “underutilized” – inventions so far little use – that could become someone else if you think of how to use them in something useful. To accomplish this, the site was launched, which seeks to harness the collective intelligence of the internet to look for good ideas.

The best ideas are eligible for a prize of up to $ 15,000. The site is closing agreements with universities in the UK and study centers that have proprietary technologies and want to take the place to find ways to use them.

To test the system, Marblar published a technique that allows DNA nucleotides can be linked without using an enzyme, patented by the University of Southampton. Some days later, a Cambridge academic proposed a new way to use this technique to DNA test potential therapies. “That was a problem that the inventor did not know existed, let alone their discovery could fix it,” said Gabriel Mablar Mecklenburg New Scientist.

If the system works, many new innovations may appear based on ideas that already exist. One potential problem is whether a proposed idea ends up creating a business online millionaire, and who will be proposed only the prize money. However, the site’s creators hope that the system will work. However, it is an interesting initiative to get more knowledge is created.

Link: Unused inventions get a crowdsourced creative spark (NewScientist)

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