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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Internet |

Launched ‘Mega’ on the first anniversary of the closing of MegaUpload

Launched 'Mega' on the first anniversary of the closing of MegaUpload

At the time was one of the biggest websites online with a peak of 50 million daily visits. When the January 19, 2012 raided the mansion in New Zealand of Kim Schmitz, aka Kim Dotcom, the assured would not be with his arms crossed and for months promised something ‘bigger and better’ .

A week ago, revealed plans to ‘revive MegaUpload’ consisted simply a new service called Mega, with a series of security changes that will quite complex accusing the company of infringement if some of its users use the service to share pirated material.

While it is believed that the service would be operational by the end of this year, Kim Dotcom announced via Twitter that Mega will inaugurate the January 19, 2013, which would be the first anniversary of the closing of Megaupload.

Unfortunately, this service is not related or tangentially with Megaupload, which means that all files will continue to service users requisitioned by the U.S. courts, as the domain does not mean that this new service will (Dotcom stated that even have not taken the final decision on the domain).

Link: Megaupload To Launch New Police Raid On Anniversary (TorrentFreak)

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