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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Launches two new processors Intel Sandy Bridge

Launches two new processors Intel Sandy Bridge

As Core i3-2308M-2365M and Core i3 is presenting two new central processors intended for use on laptops, notebooks, drawing attention to be made under the Core architecture or second generation, although the third generation (Ivy Bridge) and was launched several weeks ago.

Both models are dual core, with 3MB of cache and not surprisingly as the generation they belong to, have Intel integrated graphics with memory support up to a frequency of 1333MHz. On the negative side, do not have Turbo Boost technology, which lets you scale the CPU frequency when the computer is under load.

In particular, the runs at 2.1GHz and the integrated graphics will go up to 650MHz and 1100MHz basis when required, showing a TDP of 35W. For its part, the goes to 1.4GHz and 350MHz graphics and 1000MHz under load basis. This poor performance allows the unit to have a TDP of 17W, being at the limit to qualify as a chip for use in slim notebooks ultrabook, but according to Intel, it will not.

When? In September will go on sale for notebook assemblers use in their creations.

Link: Intel Core i3-2308M and 2365M i3-coming in Q3 (Fudzilla)

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