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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Internet |

Law of the “three strikes” piracy dropped by half in New Zealand, by industry

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Last year was implemented in New Zealand’s Copyright Amendment Act, which states that when internet users caught up copyrighted material, the first two warnings are sent through your ISP, and the third is summoned to a court of Copyright, where they can be fined large amounts.

After implementation of this system, the Federation Against Theft country’s government submitted a report stating that the illegal reproduction of the 200 films seen by New Zealanders declined from 110,000 in August last year, to 50,000 in September 2011, a fall of over 50%.

As usual with these reports, the data can be seen from different points of view. Although the law enacted last year indicated that must be sent two warnings and then a citation, the fact is that studies have so far sent a total of zero of these messages. May explain the low simply because it generated fear among users about the possibility of heavy fines.

Even with the sharp decline revealed by the report, said that the Federation will have to start sending warnings to people (rather than zero are now), but complained that the price has sent each of these messages is too high. Studies should pay ISPs around $20 for each warning, a figure that want to reduce.

Also the music industry association in New Zealand, RIANZ, said that to end piracy would have to send warnings 5,000 monthly, from 2766 they sent between October 2011 and April 2012. For that, the price of each message would have to drop to about U.S. $1.5.

On the other hand, ISPs claim that the price of sending each message should go up to USD $ 80 or so, ensuring that they have had to spend more than half a million dollars to install the system of “three strikes” on their networks, but messages sent only 1,238 since it began operating, which does not justify the costs.

Additionally, neither the movie studios and record Labels seem very interested in going after people in court, as though three people reported having in the “third strike”, none of the clients was brought to trial.

Link: Studios: Movie piracy sendig halved after zero Infringement notices (TorrentFreak)

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