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Posted by on Dec 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

Leaked details of future SoC Intel Broadwell

Leaked details of future SoC Intel Broadwell

A few days ago Intel confirmed that in 2014 will focus on the launch of SoCs x86 microprocessors starting their future based on their future also microarchitecture Broadwell . From SemiAccurate we get some little data on these future Broadwell.

The SoC will be marketed in format, so that soldiers come to the motherboard, making it impossible to make any improvement in to the motherboard, as SemiAccurate, the leading manufacturer of motherboards and ODMs (Original Design Manufacturer) offer motherboards all-in-one based on these new SoC, so it can not be purchased separately from the way it is currently marketed.

In architecture, Broadwell will have few changes regarding Haswell, so expect a similar improvement to that between the current Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, where the biggest star of the improvements will be the new consumer manufacturing process Broadwell 14nm premiere of that, although it is expected that the smaller manufacturing process allows Intel to offer higher operating frequencies Haswell.

As for the graphics, the of Broadwell have a rich set of graphical instructions that greatly enhance its compatibility with applications and games over previous Intel IGP, plus you have a graphics performance nearly 40% higher than the IGP Denlow Haswell , becoming the biggest bet Intel graphics to date, Intel provided accompanying with some robust controllers.

In conclusion, Broadwell will be slightly higher Haswell, which Intel IGP still the focus the bulk of their improvements.

Link: Intel’s Broadwell CPU, more details leak (SemiAccurate)

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