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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Leaked details of the future some Kabini APU AMD

Leaked details of the future some Kabini APU AMD

Yesterday AMD revealed that it had completed the design stage (taped-out) of your future and Temash Kabini APU , and confirmed to make appearances next year, even if this announcement gave no details, but those of us Xtreview bring some leaked Details of the APU.

The Kabini apu will be the greatest exponent of power based on the new Jaguar microarchitecture of AMD, and will consist of up to four cores Jaguar, DirectX 11.1 graphics based graphics architecture, integrated northbridge and a simplified interface connection the fch (Fusion Controller Hub or southbridge), which is called LPC (Low Pin Count), and replaces UMI (Unified Media Interface) present in Llano and Trinity APU.

Kabini will be accompanied by a new FCH chipset (codenamed has not yet been revealed), which have the following characteristics:

  • USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0.
  • SATA-3 (6Gb / s).
  • Secure Digital (SD).
  • HD Audio.

Are expected to have dual core APU TDPs Kabini 4.8, 5.9, 9 and 15W, while quad core models have TDPs of between 9 to 25W; FT3 use the new socket (BGA soldered directly on the mainboard).

Currently has shown a copy of which is A0 stepping, which has four cores running at 1.4GHz (Turbo Mode 1.75GHz) and Core Graphics graphics running at 686MHz Next, the chip has a of 15W.

Unfortunately not provide any data on their performance.


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