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Learn to occupy key combinations Windows 8

Learn to occupy key combinations Windows 8

(CC) Sweden

Microsoft officially launched its new operating system 8, which according to Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft-means one of the two or three most important moments in the history of the company, to the level when they launched Windows 95.

Given the radical change in its interface and its usage, we have prepared the following table with the various key combinations to give you clear how to use the via your keyboard, and remember that the operating system will be available from morning October 26 worldwide.

No key Windows key Ctrl Alt Shift
No key Home Screen 8 seconds: Filter Keys; 5 times: Sticky Keys
Mouse wheel Desktop: Change the size of icons, Start Screen: Zoom
A Select All
C Open the ‘charms’ Copy
D Desktop Displays Select the address bar (Explorer)
E Open the Windows Explorer Select the finder bar (Explorer)
F Open the ‘charm’ to find files
G Browse desktop gadgets
H Open the ‘charm’ to share
I Open the ‘charm’ configuration
J Switch between open applications in Split Screen
K Open the ‘charm’ of devices
L Change User
M Minimize all windows (Desktop)
N New window (Explorer) (+ Shift, New Folder)
O Blocks the rotation of the screen
P Projector Options
Q Open the ‘charm’ to search
R Run … Update
T Select the Desktop taskbar and runs your applications open
U Accessibility Center opens
V Walk notifications Paste
W Open the ‘charm’ to search the configuration Close the window (Explorer)
X Direct access to commands Advanced User Cut
And Remake
Z Open the Options Bar Negative ripple
1-9 Will the application in a certain position
+ Zoom in (About)
- Zoom out (away)
, (Comma) Briefly displays the Desktop
. (Period) Move an application of the new interface right (+ Shift to the left)
Enter Narrator Properties
Space bar Select or deselect Changing the language Shortcut menu new interface
Tab Move forward through the options Walking applications running on the new interface Walking history of the new interface applications Switch between open applications Cycle through the options
Esc Cancel Exit screen IMPLEME to enlarge Home Screen
Ins Copy Paste
Of Delete a file (Explorer)
Home Minimize inactive windows (Desktop)
PgUp Move the Home screen to the left of the monitor
PgDn Move the Home screen to the right of the monitor
Break System Properties
Left Arrow Open the previous menu or submenu Move a window to the left of the monitor (Desktop) Previous word Previous folder (Explorer)
Right Arrow Open the next menu or submenu Move a window to the right of the monitor (Desktop) Next Word
Up Arrow Maximize the window (Desktop) Previous paragraph Up one level (Explorer)
Down Arrow Restores / minimizes the window (Desktop) Following paragraph
F1 Displays help Windows Help
F2 Rename an item
F3 Search for a file or folder
F4 Displays the items in the active list Closes the active document Closes the active application item or
F5 Update

Link: Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 (Microsoft)

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