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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Entertainment |

Lego Minecraft is already on sale

Lego Minecraft is already on sale

pixilated world and the world of plastic are united at last in the pack of Lego Minecraft, on sale from today at the Lego website for $ 35.

The pack consists of 480 pieces of Lego to build a set Minecraft style, following their colors and pixelated. After completing the set can be separated into four smaller ones. Also, like Lego, you can invent anything you can think with the pieces. Includes Creeper and Steve as characters.

1% of revenues from the sale of this set will go to a charity chosen by Lego. The set of Minecraft was brought to production after a flood of people voted for the project in Lego Cuusoo . The site allows people to nominate and vote for projects which set should make Lego. One interesting which goes on sale soon Cuusoo is also from the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa .

Link: Minecraft

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