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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Hardware News | 1 comment

Lenovo CEO shares his bonus of $3 million between workers

Lenovo CEO shares his bonus of $ 3 million between workers

The cash bonuses for the big bosses of a company, ie the CEO, are quite common in the industry, awarding millions who have performed well in charge and meet goals. Such is the case of Yang Yuanqing, who is ahead of and received no less than USD $ 3 million for taking strong economic performance in the company , even in a scenario where the PC industry in general does not grow too much.

The remarkable thing about this story is what made with their money, because instead of buying luxury cars or a mansion, three million were divided into ten thousand shares of $300 each, which were delivered to employees are in the lower lines of command in Lenovo.

Thus, the most humble workers directly received the money, which speaks highly of the and certainly marks an interesting precedent in the conduct of these multimillion dollar business, with an attitude that could well be emulated by many more people around the world.

Link: Lenovo CEO spreads the wealth, Distributes $ 3 million historical lower level bonus to Employees (Engadget)

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  1. What are the Otillini’s of the Intels doing?


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