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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Companies |

Lenovo is the largest seller of PCs, or is about to be, depending on who you ask

Lenovo is the largest seller of PCs, or is about to be, depending on who you ask

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Two consultants submitted their figures “ranking” of manufacturers by sales, with results that, although different, point to the same thing: is empinando as the largest manufacturer in the world, appropriating since had held for six years .

According to Gartner, the Chinese company recorded 13.77 million units shipped during the third quarter, up 10% from last year. With this would reach 15.7%, compared to 15.5% recorded for the same period HP. HP shipments fell to 13.55 million units.

The consultant also noted that the total sale of personal computers fell 8.3% worldwide during the quarter , to 87.5 million, the biggest decline since 2001.

A second report, by consultancy IDC, also agrees with the global decline in sales, but kept on Lenovo HP by the amount of sales. According to this second company, HP sent 13.9 million PCs, which would leave him with a share of 15.9% market share, while Lenovo had sold 13.8 million units, leaving with a share of 15.7 % and second in the ranking.

As expected, HP issued a statement assuring that the IDC numbers are better and that Gartner is wrong, saying that remain the number 1 in the sale of equipment.

“Although there are a variety of market reports on participation in PCs, some do not measure the market completely. IDC analysis includes important segment of workstations, and therefore is more comprehensive, “said the company.

Meanwhile, Lenovo agreed that there may be differences in the completeness of the study, but said that if the first is not now, it is clear that it will be soon. “The figures were disclosed analysts reaffirm today that Lenovo still has a great momentum in the market and continues to operate our formula for success,” said Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo.

“To become the leader in market share in the global PC industry course remains one of the aspirations of Lenovo, but also represents a milestone along the road we have taken as a company, and our mission to become were leaders in the PC +. This includes PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart TV, cloud and enterprise computing, “he said.

Link: Gartner Puts In No. 1 Spot Lenovo, HP Prefers IDC Q3 Figures (eWeek)

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