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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Venture |

Lessons from a giant soul startup

Lessons from a giant soul startup

A few days ago, walking through a park in New York saw an employee of Google , a Googler – with a tattoo of your company logo on the back. I immediately wondered, how a manager would pay for their employees tattooed the logo of your company? That if that is commitment! Is no coincidence that Google is a leader in and entrepreneurship, and this year has received the 1st place ranking the best place to work.

Office spaces for play and rest, free food first class, safe and massages, the ability to take your dog to the office or go see a singer at the offices of YouTube , is what one hears and reads about Google in blogs and books. All this is true, and say that it is even more. But someone might ask, what sense does it analyze and compare with a company that has over 35,000 employees and over U.S. $45,000 million in the box, if that is so far from our reality?

While it is true that Google offers some privileges can only be implemented in companies of this scale, the really important and that makes it unique and special this company is a corporate culture of which are clearly applicable in all types of organizations. The opportunity to intern in Google’s NY office has made me appreciate a lot of details that make a difference and would like to share with you.

1. Learn to attract, retain and produce the best people: Google has many competitors in different markets, and several of them are strong rivals. However, in my Judgement, the hardest battle waged by Google, is talent. Whoever wins that battle, moreover, will win in the markets where it competes.

2. Talent attracts talent. People can like where people can work. The selection processes are rigorous and hires people who are passionate about what they do (well, if they were not, would not yield surrounded by so much distraction). These people seek work in a place in which to perform professionally with equal opportunities and feel identified with the mission and company values. Above all, these intrapreneurs likes to have freedom and space to create. Here adheres to the slogan “Give freedom to your computer, and be amazed.” The computer responds with work and responsibility, flows and increases productivity. Often the best ideas come from employees: all ideas are welcome, and in addition, working in multidisciplinary teams and diverse.

3. Having a clear ambitious mission and values that align with users and customers. “Organize the world’s information, to make it universally accessible and useful” is the mission of Google. It is wide, right? This gives room for everyone to think big, create and innovate. In addition, internally using the motto “do not be evil” expressing a value that is in the DNA of the culture of Google, and that is about doing the right thing and think about the user. Align an ambitious mission, corporate values, and interests of users seem “obvious”, right? But if you look, very few companies do and are consistent with it.

4. Keep the young company as a startup. This means to grow but with the structure as light as possible, little hierarchy, minimally bureaucratic managers and especially accessible. The work spaces, apart from being acclimated very creatively, are open and everyone can interact freely (I have not seen a single individual office closed). And one of the things I liked: Once a week all employees are invited to a meeting with the founders where projects are presented and can ask questions directly to Larry and Sergey, like when the company was just beginning . And if you’re elsewhere in the world, you can attend by video conference.

And what is the grace to keep always in “start-up”? The Googlers feel part of something that is constantly reinventing itself, and that reinvention is somewhat dependent on each. Always feel googler is unique gear and the next great goal can be yours. Many fail and are recognized.

Google was born of a great technology, a set of algorithms to index and prioritize Internet search, but I think the sustained growth that have been in 14 years to be a world leader in innovation and achieve sales of more than double the sales all Codelco , for example, is just their culture. This has enabled it to attract, retain and make the most of the best talent. The Googlers feel proud of it. As a friend said to me: When I hear about people working in Google, it is unclear whether Google is your employer or the client of the enterprise. Hopefully some of these ideas will serve, and who knows if someday, someone also tattooed the logo of your company.

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