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Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Economy, Science |

LG creates flexible OLED displays 60 inches by 2017

LG creates flexible OLED displays 60 inches by 2017

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2017, Korea should be able to produce the first flexible screens of 60 inches. And for that, the Korean government chose to lead the consortium responsible for invetigar, develop, and ultimately produce these screens in five years.

Why the South Korean government is sponsoring this project? Because the authorities look to the future and believe the technology could have a major impact on the economy, creating 840,000 jobs and exports tabajo $ 56 million. Apparently, the Korean government would have studied some key technologies that would be considered in the development of industry and economy, and OLED belongs to that group.

LG was the company chosen to lead the consortium, which also includes acting as a supplier industrial machinery for processing. The partnership between the two brands is not new, and who currently contribute to what will be the first production of flexible OLED displays from LG and that only in a couple of years should begin to be marketed.

The program, called “Future Flagship Program,” also aims to increase the distance between Korea and China in the area of the screens. Will you fulfill the self-imposed goal for 2017? Being in Korea, most likely, yes.

Link: LG Display to Develop 60-inch Flexible OLED (Korean Herald)

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