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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Gadgets |

LG is working on a smart TV based on Open webOS

LG is working on a smart TV based on Open webOS

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HP was the attempt to participate in the market for tablets with its own operating system, acquired by the company through the purchase of Palm . But those plans did not work, and webOS was in limbo, and then was ” delivered to the community “for enthusiasts who were invented to do with it.

Now took the OS and want to use it in its new line of smart TVs. WebOS Nation LG indicates that the company is working with Gram (who is trying to take over webOS) to create Smart TVs that use this software.

Although webOS is still quite far from becoming a platform for TV, you’d be working on adapting important applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Pandora through Enyo – HTML5-based platform that is at the base of webOS.

Reportedly, LG would not be comfortable with the terms of Google to create Google TVs, besides being worried that Apple would enter the market for this type of television. Team is expected to make an appearance with webOS at CES 2013, ie, in January next year.

Link: LG Reportedly Working on Open webOS-powered smart TV (The Verge)

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