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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Gadgets |

LG launches 84-inch 4K TV, no movies to watch

LG launches 84-inch 4K TV, no movies to watch

announced its new plane resolution 4k TV and 84-inch size, which can display 8 million pixels per frame – at a price of USD $22,100. Definitely a monster of resolution and size – however, there is almost nothing we can see in this TV yet. Even the blu-ray content will be pixelated to this resolution.

Nevertheless, the company said the team will go on sale first in South Korea, but come September onwards to Europe, Asia, North and Latin America. The TV can display 3840 x 2160 pixels, and includes a feature that allows you to adjust the 3D depth of field. It also has functions of “smart TV”.

The launch is ahead of the IFA trade show which starts next week in Berlin, in an attempt to draw attention before the event. Although there are very, very few things in 4K and TV costs the same as a car, the president of the entertainment division of LG, Havis Kwon, said that “we have a target audience” for the team.

The 8 million pixels are also known as “ultra high definition” or TV, and can display a resolution equivalent to four standard TVs. The specification also includes the TV UHD 8K, equivalent to 16 HDTVs.

The HD has become popular in recent years, which has given way for manufacturers to project the next level, hoping the TV UHD flourish over the next five years. Meanwhile, one wonders what the size will be living in 5 years to put a 84-inch TV.

Link: LG launches 84-inch 4K TV for $22.100, but nothing to watch yet (PCWorld)

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