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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

LGA 1150 could be the last socket Intel: Future Intel CPUs will BGA

LGA 1150 could be the last socket Intel: Future Intel CPUs will BGA

According to the release schedule of Intel micro-architecture , future microprocessors based on micro-architecture Haswell will be the first to use the new socket 1150 socket is possibly also used by his successors based on micro-architecture Broadwell ; and if some new rumors that come from Xbit Labs, could be the last released by socket LGA.

Future microprocessors Intel LGA post-1150 could meet the market needs for these dates, the presumed desktops will be reduced in size, and to meet those future needs, have decided to go for Intel microprocessors contacts ( Ball Grid Array), which are soldered directly to the motherboard, making impossible any upgrade or update the user: The end of microprocessors to which we are accustomed.

Microprocessors based on future Intel microarchitecture (perhaps even those based on Broadwell), multi-chip SoCs will, like the microprocessor Haswell-ULT (will be released between January and June of next year), design Intel allows to minimize production costs, a measure to counter the declining demand for the PC users .

This could be the origin of the concerns of the motherboard manufacturers set a few months ago , those who fear that the continued integration of a growing number of components in the microprocessor in its evolutionary path to become true x86 SoC, end to end the motherboard market.

Future microprocessors Intel’s top-end “Extreme Edition” CPUs for servers and “Xeon” fortunately not affected by that decision, so it is likely to use some future successor to the current socket LGA socket LGA 2011, leaving the ability to upgrade the microprocessor as an exclusivity of their models more expensive.

Intel has not confirmed or denied this rumor.

Link: Intel’s Haswell Could Be Last Interchangeable Desktop Microprocessors – Report (Xbit Labs)

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