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LinkedIn disables passwords that were stolen

LinkedIn disables passwords that were stolen

Ok, we know that yesterday you saturate so overwhelming information on passwords leaked to other services in addition to . Today the picture looks better for the users of this last service as director just announced that it will disable all the keys that were leaked publicly through Wednesday.

This announcement comes after some users began to report that they were being victims of phishing , in an attempt to shield the accounts of those affected, the network decided to cancel the that were stolen and thus prevent cybercriminals continue to make of yours with this service.

Moreover, it appears that the Russian hacker attack this would have been on tenterhooks since there will be no possibility for other network criminals taking advantage of their “work”. This despite the reports did not contain the usernames and passwords were only, however provides more and left alone to users who were affected.

Along with this determination, Vicente Silveira, director of LinkedIn announced through a statement posted on the official blog of the network that “as a protective measure, we have disabled the passwords of anyone else we think may be potentially affected by this theft.” Members who are blocked his key will be sent an email with instructions to renew it.

After this unfortunate incident, LinkedIn assumed the failure in the security system, apologized to its users and committed to strengthen the way passwords are encrypted in the database.

It also became known shortly after this incident, it was revealed that Russian hacker stole about 1.5 million passwords eHarmony site to find couples where, according to experts believe the number of people affected could be even greater than initially indicated .

Link: LinkedIn Disabling Passwords Hacked (Mashable)

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