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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Social Networks |

LinkedIn users have begun to be victims of phishing

LinkedIn users have begun to be victims of phishing

Cybercriminals are not delayed in taking advantage of all the millions of users data released yesterday at a site in Russia . The social network users affected by this breach and began receiving emails from what at first glance appears to be the own LinkedIn. The emails requesting users to confirm your email address by clicking a link, actually sent them to illegal sites selling Viagra and other pharmaceuticals.

Several firms confirmed that it was postal fraud, warning users not to click on the links in emails sent by LinkedIn, and just browse the site writing in the address bar.

If you have not done so, users should change their as a precaution, and also change the key of other services if they were using the same password.

Link: That was fast: Criminals exploit for phishing attacks LinkedIn breach (NYTimes)

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