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Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Linus Torvalds slams policy NVIDIA drivers for Linux

Linus Torvalds slams policy NVIDIA drivers for Linux

, Linux’s founder and main force behind the development of operating system kernel , directed harsh words toward in an with Will Cardwell in Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE).

Linus apparently is not happy with Nvidia’s policy on supporting drivers available for Linux, calling it “the worst company with which they treated” for his total lack sympathy for the drivers are open-source , and is happy to publicly point out their problems ending a brief but direct you live commentary, which can read in the image of this article, and that sparked laughter among the attendees.

Here a video of the full interview, the famous words of Linus Torvalds for the Nvidia can hear the minute 49:58 of the video:

Link: Flips Off & Linux Founder Says ‘F ** k You’ To Support NVIDIA Driver Over (Legit Reviews)

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