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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

Linux kernel 3.6 Launch

Linux kernel 3.6 Launch

The is growing at a very healthy pace, and now we learn of the official arrival of version 3.6, which brings various improvements that give another level of maturity to this underlying code for different types of operating systems for both traditional PCs to smartphones and tablets.

Among the best we see in this kernel 3.6, highlighting the presence of the feature, which can record the contents of the RAM to the hard drive before the computer goes into sleep mode, which is used to retrieve the work session even if the PC loses its source of power and goes what is stored in RAM.

Also included improvements to file system, with new features added to the system hard disk partitions, and better communication between applications designed for that and the kernel. As always, also optimized architecture in general, with special emphasis on the functions associated with networks and connectivity.

Link: Linux kernel 3.6 released (H Online)

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