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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

Linux Kernel 3.8 will not support old Intel 386 CPUs (80386 compatible)

Linux Kernel 3.8 will not support old Intel 386 CPUs (80386 compatible)

Only yesterday was released on Linux Kernel 3.7 and we already have the first news of the changes implemented his successor: 3.8, and include the elimination bracket includes the ancient 386 and compatible microprocessors (AMD 386, Cyrix 386, IBM 386 and others ).

Microprocessors Intel 386 (i386) were launched in 1985, with the first 32-bit released by Intel, and constituted the fundamental basis of the evolution of software (operating systems and applications) from the old UI in text mode to existing GUIs, overcome by allowing the barrier then the 640KB memory with new features such as protected mode, and virtual memory support, which enabled the development of more advanced and stable software .

Removing the old bracket 80386 reduces the complexity of the core (kernel) of Linux, while opening up the possibility for future improvements without having to worry about compatibility with the old i386 instruction set of these microprocessors.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft stopped supporting the 386 microprocessor in 1998 with the release of Windows 98, which bore 486 and higher CPUs.

Link: Linux Kernel Drops Support For Old Intel 386 CPUs (Phoronix)

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