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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Linux + Wine + Diablo III = BAN

Linux + Wine + Diablo III = BAN

A strange move is the taken by Blizzard, creator of the recent popular game Diablo III, who has decided to freeze the accounts – ban – of those at the title on Linux-based operating systems and in turn use to emulate the Windows environment and deliver the necessary libraries to support a game that is only available for Windows and Mac OS X.

The problem, some users report is that the system to detect anti-cheat-cheat-Wine identifies as a threat and a way of cheating. Worse yet, refuses to refund money to those who have asked, arguing that users do not have the right to use third-party programs to run Diablo III, as this gives them an unfair advantage and in fact, the banning would be done (cheat), not by using Wine, strictly speaking.

Despite this, the confusion is in the air and it is recommended that if someone uses such a configuration, stop until the issue is cleared up, the risk of not losing your account and the money you paid for it.

Link: Linux users are a bunch of cheats (Fudzilla)

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