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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Lite-On will focus on SSD drives and optical drives away

Lite-On will focus on SSD drives and optical drives away

Although there are companies like Fujifilm still bet on the future of the market for optical drives , we also have companies like Apple who see them as an obstacle to innovation . The truth is that modern and spacious external hard drives and USB sticks have dismissed them enough prominence to optical drives, and that market leading companies such as Lite-On begins to reveal his future plans.

Although many optical drive manufacturers are focusing their efforts on reducing the volume of optical drives in order to adapt to the increasingly popular ultrathin laptops (Ultrabooks / Ultrathins), Lite-On pessimism seen the future prospects for the market optical drives, so they decided to focus their efforts next year in their division of SSDs and automotive wireless charging, while gradually reducing the production of optical drives, which currently represent 70% of their income but they expect in 2015 represent only 30% of their income.

Optical drives (DVD / Bluray) continue to enjoy the preference of many users, but this trend will not persist forever. We’ll see if future optical drives get captivate users.


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