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Posted by on May 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Llano APU has 1.178 billion transistors, No 1450 million

Llano APU has 1.178 billion transistors, No 1450 million

The Llano were launched in July last year, and according to AMD specifications of these dates, consisted of a total of 1450 million transistors. 11 months later, AMD informs us that this figure is wrong.

Recent APU Trinity are made up 1.303 billion and manufactured with the manufacturing process GlobalFoundries, but curiously though Llano is made from the same process, Trinity held a larger size die (246 mm ² vs 228 mm ² .) This fact aroused suspicion that something in the information provided by AMD was not quite right.

In response, AMD responded that the of transistors Llano is not correct, and that the real figure is, 1178 million transistors.

This type of errors when the number of transistors provide is becoming common in AMD, remember that after a month after the launch of AMD microprocessors first-generation FX “Zambezi” is discovered that they were formed by 1200 million transistors, and not by the 2000 million transistors initially reported , a figure corresponding to microprocessors Opteron “Interlagos”.

Although the report erred in the number of transistors is not serious or affecting in any respect to the product, leaving the impression that there is very little coordination between the departments of marketing and development of AMD. Hopefully AMD will not again commit such errors.

Link: Plain-APU: AMD korrigiert Transistoranzahl nach unten (Tom’s Hardware)

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