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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Social Networks |

London 2012: The London Eye will show the spirit of the people on Twitter

London 2012: The London Eye will show the spirit of the people on Twitter

The (London Eye) is a highlight features of the host city for the Olympics, and will take unusual importance during the Games. This is because, in a project sponsored by EDF Energy, the wheel will light up depending on the reactions of people to the games … on Twitter.

The project is called Energy of the Nation, and make the London Eye lights up every day at 21:00 local time. Then, an algorithm developed by MIT students seeking review of the social network terms and topics related to the and Paralympics, as well as linking words denoting positive or negative feelings, emotion or simple negligence, depending on how the day and especially advance how you go to the representatives of Great Britain. As if that were not enough, the final sum will be considered until the exclamation point or phrases associated with the smileys.

Then, the illumination of the London Eye can change depending on how people are excited about the great event happening in the form of a pie chart. “The algorithm that we have emotions developer turns into color and movement, and in real time. 24 hours of action is summarized in a visual concert that shows the emotional peaks of the day, “one of those responsible.

An explanation of how the algorithm can be found (in English) at the official site of Energy of the Nation. Best of all, you will also air the show on the Internet, so that we are far from London who can see the mood of the people on Twitter.

Link: Energy of the Nation (via Wired )

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