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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Social Networks |

London 2012: “Twitter can be degraded medal options”

Sebastian Coe, chairman of the Olympic Organizing Committee 2012 Olympic Games, has a unique vision that athletes use it to give to social networks, and especially Twitter. Because he claims “there is a correlation between the number of ‘tweets’ posted during the competition and the poor performance of an athlete.”

In short, Coe summarizes the matter by saying that “may undermine options medal,” as it is a tool that distracts the competitors when they are at the greatest moment of his career. This character, who won gold medal in Olympic competition before, exemplified by his own experience: “When I ran, I just wanted to focus on the competition. I knew it was my time and that just comes once in life is not like the driving test, you suspend it and show the following month.

And is that the focus here is the concentration, so the issue is not that the judges will penalize the chances of medal athletes only use Twitter, but they are harming themselves by using the social network. “If an athlete seeks to defend his title of Olympic champion, would not have to think about your Twitter account read,” concluded Coe.

Link: “Twitter can be degraded medal options” (BBC)

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