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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Low-end PCs increase their presence on Steam

Low-end PCs increase their presence on Steam

An interesting collection of statistics is that delivered through its Survey of Hardware and Software , where monthly reveal details of the equipment with which the platform is used for games, to know what percentage is used that piece or brand.

Herein is attention-grabbing results of June , where contrary to what many might think, is a growth in the number of computers that use low-end gaming platform Steam, which many titles related to 3D high performance, so it would require constant updating of the machines.

However, has become very popular independent (indie), which besides its low price also have low requirements. Thus, the month of June was a alarming 11% growth in the use of Intel integrated graphics, while the video cards only support DirectX 9 (not to later versions) rose 1.5%.

Another explanation is that many people are playing more in laptops (notebooks), which have become very popular Intel integrated graphics, despite the poor performance and presenting effectively, serve only to games.

Link: Steam hardware survey Sees Rise in lower-end PCs (Slashgear)

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