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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

LucidLogix Virtu MVP increase the graphics performance of Trinity in up to 35%

LucidLogix Virtu MVP increase the graphics performance of Trinity in up to 35%

Although hardly a few weeks ago came news about AMD, today we had a veritable flood of news about AMD, some of which will be published in the coming days. From OCWorkbench inform us that the Virtu MVP of LucidLogix, which will come with some motherboards socket FM2 , increase the graphics of in up to 35%.

Virtu MVP, is not a new technology, many motherboards Intel users may make use of it to achieve squeeze some extra fps some games, but at the expense of a slight loss of graphic quality, thanks to Hyperformance, a technology integrated much like DynamiX , although the latter is focused on notebooks and ultrabooks.

Virtu MVP will allow users of the APU Series A-5000 enjoy a lower power consumption by allowing hot swap between Trinity and a dedicated graphics, using the integrated desktop for common tasks and web browsing, and dedicated to games, you can also make use of the unit accelerated video encoding hardware VCE (Videco Codec Engine) present in the APU, even having a dedicated GPU.

Virtu MVP also provide features to users Trinity APUs lacking dedicated video card, as mentioned Hyperformance, which will increase performance considerably allowing IGP running demanding games in common situations “would kneeling” the IGP, although cost of losing some quality graphics.

Link: Virtu MVP on AMD A10 FM2-5800K processor boosts performance by 3DMark11 up to 35% (OCWorkbench)

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