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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

LucidLogix Virtu MVP receives support for AMD Trinity APU

LucidLogix Virtu MVP receives support for AMD Trinity APU

Virtu MVP , application GPUs present in many motherboards for Intel socket LGA 1155, within a few days will also support the A-Series apu second generation “Trinity” for socket FM2 , which will be launched this Oct. 2 .

Virtu MVP, virtualization techniques GPUs allows desktop users, enjoy some of the features enjoyed by users of laptops / notebooks as graphics (switchable graphics) and features improved graphics performance similar those of DynamiX (another utility LucidLogix).

Manufacturers like motherboard (recently announced Hi-Fi motherboard socket FM2 ) announced that the utility LucidLogix will come as part of bundle their motherboards, so we assume that you may also be included on some motherboards other manufacturers such as Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS, among others.

Link: Lucid join hands with AMD and deliver Virtu MVP on Trinity Socket FM2 boards (OCWorkbench)

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