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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Social Networks |

LulzSec filtered data 10 000 accounts they used Twitter TweetGif

LulzSec filtered data 10 000 accounts they used Twitter TweetGif

Days moved into the breaches that concern: While we closed the week with the scandal over the theft of passwords LinkedIn and then and now turn to change for users is because LulzSec Reborn (successor to the original LulzSec ) filtered data from more than 10 thousand TweetGif application users would prove to be a trap …

As you read: TweetGif, an application that allows file sharing “gif” on Twitter, would actually be a trap game-fools, that is, a weapon to steal passwords. And that is to use it, TweetGif asked to allow the user access to all information of your Twitter account and that he pillaged the data as user name, real name, password, avatar and biography of the microblogging social network.

Thus, the data of about 10 000 users of the application were published by Reborn in Pastebin, apparently with the sole intention of making us understand how easy it is to fall into phishing traps … So if at some time tried to use TweetGif, and know what you get: Change Password right away.

No doubt that this action is clear LulzSec us a lesson on how dangerous they can become third-party applications that we use our social networking profiles: In my case, for example, I’m pretty wary about authorizing a third-party applications to get my data from Facebook and Twitter … And you are of the testing (allowing access to your data) how application will go through the screen, or you’ll think twice before giving permission to third-party apps?

Link: Mais 10 thousand senhas do Twitter SAO released by Internet hackers na (Tecmundo)

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