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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Internet |

Lumi is the new recommendations service makers

Lumi is the new recommendations service makers

After, the founders of the service are embarking on a new adventure that aims not only to music enthusiasts but to navigate enthusiasts across the network: Lumi , which expands the concept of to all the internet.

is based on the same principles of, as it uses the data from the browsing history of the user on the network to find similar items or they may be of interest according to their tastes. Says Martin Stiksel, one of the co-founders of and now Lumi, that “people understand that your data is valuable and normally used for advertising purposes, but does not know that more can be done with them.”

The new service begins as an extension for browsers, either Chrome, Firefox or Safari. After reviewing the record, quickly begins to deliver recommendations of any kind, under the concept of “the more you click, the better the results.” These are displayed on a full page, grouped into concepts and sections, the user can also mark your favorite links, alerts to inappropriate content, or sharing sites with the rest of the world.

Its creators have not yet made clear as to monetize their service, but for now that does not seem to be a concern for the duo. The most important thing is to keep climbing the infrastructure behind Lumi, and to bring it to other platforms: mobile phones could be a challenge because the navigation data are not as accessible as on the desktop.

The small test we perform testing shows an interface Lumi quite nice and functional, although the latter will be validated over time. Those who want to take a look can do so without problems registering with an email or your Twitter account.

Link: founders launch site recommendation tool Lumi (The Guardian)

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