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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Hardware News |

MacBook Air updated with new Intel: Reactions and responses from the press

MacBook Air updated with new Intel: Reactions and responses from the press

Last week, Apple announced the updated Airs with Core fourth in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.

What is the most noticeable change in the MacBook Air? According to the and Apple executives, the significant improvement in life. This has been possible thanks to the new Intel Core 4th Generation. reports that battery in the new models of MacBook Air, is now up to 9 hours for the 11-inch model and up to 12 hours for the 13-inch model and a single charge. That is an improvement of 4.5 hours over previous models.

Below is selected coverage by Intel technology publications and blogs:


“Apple is using Intel’s latest processors, known as Haswell, promising a much improved battery life, and some increases in integrated graphics performance. With the new processor, Apple promises 12 hours of battery life for the 13-inch model, and 9 hours for the 11-inch version, a major upgrade to seven hours and five hours, respectively, with respect to the model year past.


“Upgrading the MacBook Air, Apple announced at its developer conference this week, it may be the best argument to support Intel chip. The new MacBook Air is exactly the same as above, except it uses the fourth-generation Intel processor. This may not sound very exciting, but if Apple estimates are accurate, this change will produce major improvements in battery life. “


“When working on any laptop, the status indicator of the battery is always a source of frustration and anxiety, so that these improvements are very important for Apple laptops, who says the new Haswell chip can maintain longer burning machines. The company claims that its new computers powered with Haswell can reach up to 12 hours of battery life on the 13-inch model “


“We were skeptical about whether this new edition would achieve almost double battery longevity, but actually yielded more. This year, The Macbook Air remained on for 12 hours and 51 minutes, after being fully charged. This is an impressive figure for a laptop so thin, made with the WiFi on and without any external battery. “


“The MacBook Air 13-inch is a marathon runner in a laptop, which offers battery life throughout the day, in a design that is as elegant and ergonomically perfect as before … Thanks to the new Haswell chip, Intel, Apple says expect to earn up to five hours of extra battery life, within the same sleek aluminum design. “

For our part, we appreciate rather than the Macbook has achieved a significant improvement in the performance of your battery. However, the battery is not everything. They also have CPU performance and integrated graphics. We are waiting. What do you think?

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