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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Hardware |

MacBook Pro 17 inch disappears from Apple Store

MacBook Pro 17 inch disappears from Apple Store

wiped the 17 inch model which will apparently be discontinued equipment offered by the company. This laptop was released in 2006 more as a desktop replacement than a laptop because of its large size. Also corresponded to the more expensive model with better specifications of the block.

This seat is now taking the new MacBook Pro “next generation” , released today by Apple, a computer slimmer than usual, made with special pieces and includes a screen with Retina Display.

The inch corresponded to just 1.7% of sales of Macs in the company, according to figures from the last quarter of the company, so it was not a part of the business. Apparently it takes now Apple are smaller models, from 11 to 15.4 inches.

Link: Apple quietly kills the 17 inch MacBook Pro (TechCrunch)

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