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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Hardware News |

MACH System: Your virtual trainer to prepare for job interviews

MACH System: Your virtual trainer to prepare for job interviews

Many people have a terrible fear of public speaking. Others are very shy in interviews, failing to pass them successfully, despite being very skilled in their profession. Some choose to enroll in courses to prepare for interviews. Others turn to books dealing with the subject, but the theory never replace practice.

It has been shown that 70% of what we communicate in a interaction, we do with our facial gestures, our movements and gestures, tone and speed of our voice. Without realizing it, read the information in the other, and the others we read. And many times, if not more or less mastered, our social skills, resultemos being misinterpreted, not making a good impression.

The basic principle of this is based on the conviction that we can learn by doing, to improve our social skills.

Now, imagine that you are looking for a new job, and you will spend a lot of interviews and want to spend their best to make a good impression to your future employer. What would you do if you had your own trainer at home, on your PC, with which you can train in the art of effective conversation. The automated trained MACH, is programmed to analyze your gestures, your voice, and ultimately give a written report and a video, which you can evaluate yourself to improve.

MACH System: Your virtual trainer to prepare for job interviews image 2

Ehsan Hoque, a student at the MIT Media Lab, has made this issue the focus of his latest project: (My Automated Conversation coach).

At the heart of MACH is a complex system of facial recognition algorithms and speech that can detect subtle nuances of intonation of your voice, you can track when you smile, annotate nods and eye movement. The latter is especially important, as the main element of MACH is a computer-generated avatar, and can tell when you break eye contact as divert your attention elsewhere.

The most interesting thing is that this software gives you feedback on your performance, you get a full report of your with the avatar. This helps you prepare for that big presentation or just to guide you out of your shell, if you are very shy. And most important is that you do it in complete privacy.

Experimental data suggest that MACH training can help to give a better performance in a job interview. What is particularly interesting is that the program does not require any special hardware, but is designed to be used with a standard webcam and a microphone, on a simple laptop. Hopefully soon available to the public. Nothing is planned.

Here the Video subtitled in Spanish.

Link: MACH system can coach from MIT Those with social anxiety (


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