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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Hardware, Internet |

MakerBot removes parts of firearms your 3D printable file

MakerBot removes parts of firearms your 3D printable file

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After the school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, United States, the company’s low-cost printers eliminated plans to create parts of firearms in such devices. The company maintains the site, one of the largest archives of “patterns” or instructions to print objects on the web.

In an email sent to users, MakerBot states that its terms of service specifically prohibit objects that promote “illegal activities or contribute to the creation of weapons, illegal materials or otherwise questionable.”

Until recently, there were plans to create Thingiverse parts of a semi-automatic rifle. Now this will change with increased monitoring of the company, he mentioned the recent school shooting in Newtown, which killed 27 people, as one of the motivations for this action.

Although MakerBot actions can help, yet no projects specifically dedicated to create weapons with 3D printers . “How governments would behave if they had to operate assuming that any and every citizen has almost instant access to a gun through the internet?” Wonder in ‘Wiki Weapon’. Should regulate 3D printing?

Link: Removes MakerBot 3D printable plastic gun parts from its online database (FastCompany)

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