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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Malware spreads via direct messages on Twitter

Malware spreads via direct messages on Twitter

For some time a has begun to spread through the network , which through the phrase “someone is speaking ill of you” (someone is posting very bad things about you) encourages users to click on the URL containing the tweet, which will direct you to a website that will tell the user that their session has expired Twitter, asking the user and password to login again.

This is how this virus takes advantage of the “innocence” and curiosity of people about this message, especially because the tweet comes from a direct message from one of our contacts, therefore, to want to stop these rumors is that the person agrees the link contained in the tweet and then infect yourself.

In this way, you automatically become infected and start sending tweets to all your contacts with this message. Thus, the user – in a couple of seconds – your account will be given cybercriminals using a modus operandi similar to that practiced by enough other fraudsters to obtain bank details of their victims.

To prevent this attack just do not click the link with this message, indeed, it is advisable to remove it – just the temptation of the forbidden stalks you – but if otherwise the link you entered and how to end this will change the password of your Twitter account and any other site that has the same account password newly infected.

Remarkably, this type of malicious techniques often occur quite frequently in various online communication channels such as Facebook and malware “Find out who has visited your profile”, through the mail or any other social network where we own.

Although this takes time and malware prowling the Web, continues to affect his credit accounts, so needless to say, for any suspicious link you’d better skip prudence and, instead of enter and infect yourself.

Link: The virus “Someone is speaking poorly of you” spreads to high speed on Twitter (The Delta World)

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