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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Science |

Man sets record climbing 103 floors with a bionic leg controlled with the mind

Man sets record climbing 103 floors with a bionic leg controlled with the mind

Vawter Zac became the first person to climb 103 flights of stairs, using a radio-controlled robotic leg. The uses a technology that connects the nerves that were severed in the amputation with other muscles useful. For Vawter, nerves normally controlled his lower leg were connected to the tendon, which electrical pulses are converted into signals for moving the prosthesis.

The first of these bionic prosthesis, called “myoelectric”, was launched in 2005 at the Center for Bionic at the Institute of Chicago. The first patient was Jesse Sullivan, who earned an arm that could control their thoughts. The center now works with the University of New Brunswick, Vanderbilt University, MIT and the University of Rhode Island in the leg prosthesis Vawter.

The project is being funded by the Research Center for Telemedicine and Advanced Technologies Department of Defense of the United States. Vawter’s leg cost USD $8 million, weighs 4.5 kilos and uses two engines to navigate in the knee and ankle separately.

With a normal prosthesis, “I have to take each step with my good foot first and then as you drag or lift the prosthesis. With the is simple, climb the stairs as before, and I can even go up two steps at a time, “Vawter said to AP.

The escalation of the Willis Tower in Chicago took 53 minutes and 9 seconds, certainly a success.

Link: Man climbs Chicago Skyscraper with bionic leg (AP)

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