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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Science |

Man survives 4 months without a heart

Man survives 4 months without a heart

In the Czech Republic recorded the only case so far of a man who lives “heartless” after which he extirpated Jakub Halik this muscle and replace it by two bombs without valves. Halik, a firefighter of 37 years, had to undergo this operation due to a malignant tumor in her heart.

“It is contraindicated to is in the heart when a malignant tumor”, because the drugs to prevent rejection of foreign organ support the process of tumor cells, said Jan Pirk, the cardiologist. The situation is then Halik temporary. “If everything goes well, could ultimately get the heart transplant,” said Pirk.

A pump sends the blood through the aorta, and the other to the lungs. The devices do not produce keystrokes touch, so it seems that Halik had no pulse. The patient was operated on 3 March, and although the technique had been applied prior to a patient in Texas, United States, the man died shortly after.

About how much you can live without heart, the doctor said “No one shall know. It is the first operation in the world. “

“The patient has no pulse sensitive. It was believed that without this no one can live, and has shown that you can live without a pulse, “says Pirk. The only drawback is charging the batteries for all parties, which last between 8 and 12 hours, and can not do much physical activity as “not capable of reacting to stress,” says Pirk.

Link: Muž žije bez srdce, má čerpadla. Unikátní operace v Praze (via Reuters )

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