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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Internet |

Mankind has spent 2772 years in a row watching Gangnam Style

Mankind has spent 2772 years in a row watching Gangnam Style

lost or time invested. Everyone will know what you do with yours, but it is noteworthy to know that since its launch two and half months ago, mankind has spent no less than 2772 years and a half watching the on YouTube Style Gangnam , which also broke a Guinness record by accumulating the most “Likes” on the site a few days ago.

The calculation is simple and multiplying get Plays 345,830,437 which is the lasting 4:13 min video, obtaining this result that grows every passing second. This same exercise can do for other videos have more views than the Style, because of course, the Korean hit not yet in the list of the most watched in the history of YouTube.

For example, the song Baby by Justin Bieber has 784,133,688 views, requiring people to spend 5590.8 years to get to that, this being the most watched video. Another example is the theme Ai Sexy and I Know Michel Telo, who stole our humanity 2309.4 years to be viewed 439,037,969 times. Lady Gaga and the video for Bad Romance is also among the most watched on YouTube, with 488,530,668 views and 4768 years of consecutive observation.

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