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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Science |

Mannequins bionic spy on shoppers in stores

Mannequins bionic spy on shoppers in stores

In the movie Minority Report had a system at retinal read customer who entered, and made advertising posters offer products to people calling them by name. Something perhaps less direct but equally chilling are testing some fashion stores, using mannequins bionic.

As reported by Bloomberg, five companies in the field of luxury (which were not named) bought some mannequins units created by Italian firm Almax Spa , which come with a system called “EyeSee” which allows customers to watch the store through a chamber in the eyes of the doll, which also integrates facial recognition software.

The system records the gender, age and race of those who pass by the doll, which has a cost of 4,000 euros ($ 5,130 USD).

The idea is to record information to customize its offering to customers, profiling them. Although there are similar systems that operate using security cameras, installing cameras on the dummies would be more effective because they are closer to the people and capture their attention – people look.

These mannequins were released in December last year and is now being used in Europe and the U.S., and Bloomberg says, thanks to a store they found that men who were buying in the first two days of a discount period spent more women. Another began selling children’s clothing after discovering that many small visiting the store with his parents in the afternoon, and another found that many Asian customers received after 4 pm, thus host to speak Chinese in the door at that hour.

While the information can improve the experience for customers, no longer scary that you are watching a mannequin. Not something you’d expect. Things get even more shocking considering that aims Almax add to their mannequins also a word recognition system, allowing you to hear and understand what customers are saying.

Link: Mannequin Bionic Spy on Shoppers to Boost Luxury Sales (Bloomberg)

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