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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Internet |

Marisa Mayer changed in a week the mood Yahoo!

Marisa Mayer changed in a week the mood Yahoo!

The power of a smile (cc) flickr Esthr

As was the case in our high school days with the arrival of “new partner”, the headquarters of are already abuzz with the spirit of Silicon Valley that has permeated into every aisle Marissa Mayer, the new president and CEO.

So much can change the mood of people in just one week? Just as has happened in the great battles of history, where an army can become motivated to turn the worst defeat in the business world, Mayer seems to show that a good leader can motivate the team of the world also more flagging.

Since his arrival at Yahoo! unpredictable, just a week ago, Mayer has become, in the words of a member of the board, “our last hope,” a phrase that was heard of several other executives in the company, all matching in that the word “ultimate” would follow the word “sale”.

But while the financiers, investors and markets are trying to chew and digest the news, as well as speculate on how Mayer achieve reverse a process that some, not me, considered irreversible, at the offices of Yahoo! feel the winds of change and hopes were renewed.

An organization responsible for the product area was struck by “how quickly the mood changed internal company” as well as stating that “many people I know who were about to leave the company, decided to give it another try with this arrival, and I include myself among them. “

comes every day at the cafeteria and have lunch in the same room that their new employees, something we can not ensure that you have to do with a spontaneous impulse, with a tactic to boost morale or a careful study of all areas of Yahoo!, so you do not miss knowing the thoroughness of his work at Google.

Even encouraged the co-founder David Filo, regarded as the least media exposure, to work beside him as a spokesman, as well as ensuring that wants Ross Levinsohn, CEO until his arrival, proceed to the company in a strategic position his great contribution to the area of advertising.

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