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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Companies |

Mark Zuckerberg is 20 t always like to dress alike

Mark Zuckerberg is 20 t always like to dress alike

(Cc) jolieodell / Mathieu Thouvenin

The world of fashion among the CEOs of technology companies is quite limited. While Bill Gates cultivated a formal style shirt in Microsoft, Sergey Brin introduced shoes with toes on Google and Steve Jobs always wore a black beatle with jeans in Apple, apparently seeks to impose its as gray shirt when dressing .

“I always get the same thing. I mean, literally, if you could see my closet, “said the CEO of in a television interview, stating that he has” maybe 20 “gray T-shirts.

She says she does not have much in the closet and most of the space is used by his wife, Priscilla Chan .

Perhaps the clothes have only just help you have fewer worries when you are in charge of a company, and not have to think about what to wear. Maybe there is something more. Should be asked to Homer Simpson.

Link: Mark Zuckerberg confirms: “I wear the same thing every day” (Today)

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