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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Market Share for Mobile Devices GPUs H1 2012

Market Share for Mobile Devices GPUs H1 2012

From Donanim Haber bring us an analysis of the market share chart of GPUs for portable devices for 2012 (January to June) developed by Jon Peddie Research, which includes both manufacturers and designers (IP) of GPUs .

Unlike the analysis published a few months ago which mentioned only the manufacturers of GPUs for portable devices, this time it includes companies focused on licensing its technologies and designs to other companies, among them we have (PowerVR GPUs) , (Mali GPUs), and Vivante:

Market Share for Mobile Devices GPUs H1 2012 image 2

As shown in the figures, the GPUs based on PowerVR ip licenses Imagination Technologies (46.5%) largely dominate the market for GPUs for portable devices, followed by (26.4%) and ARM (12.9%) is also observed Imagination Technologies both as Qualcomm have lost market share in relation to the same period last year, while ARM doubled its share, another manufacturer to mention is nearly quadrupled its stake.

Link: Imagination Technologies, mobil GPU pazarındaki liderliğini 2012 ilk yarısında da sürdürdü (Donanim Haber)

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