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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

Market share of AMD x86 CPUs falls to less than 17%

Market share of AMD x86 CPUs falls to less than 17%

Last week we did an analysis of the market share of the PC-based high-end microprocessors , which accounts for just 6.2% of the market. Today comes another market analysis this time of the market share of the x86 (AMD, and VIA).

In recent months, the PC market has experienced a significant decline in sales estimated at 9% , but this decline has affected in different ways by the various manufacturers of x86 microprocessors industry, where Intel is growing at 83% while drops to 16.9% ( previously maintained a market share of 19.1% ), via has a very low share of just 0.1%.

IDC analysts and Mercury Research agree that this decline in the market share of AMD is caused by poor sales in the server market (Opteron CPUs) and demand much less than expected from the Trinity APU, which have Unless sold their old product lines Phenom II and Athlon II.

The x86 microprocessor manufacturers pin their hopes on the new operating system Microsoft Windows 8, which catapult expect sales of desktop and laptop PC.

Link: AMD’s market share drops to below 17 percent (Hardware.Info)

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