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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Economy |

Mastercard and Visa will no longer allow them to pay a NPV

Mastercard and Visa will no longer allow them to pay a NPV

(Cc) rudyjuanito / Flickr

As tickets can not be released to the screen to pay for something on the Internet, one of the most common payment methods for any type of service in the network is the credit card. MegaUpload After the event , and became more restrictive when payments take file storage sites, and now apparently also increased demands for virtual private network, or VPN.

VPNs allow anonymous maintain more user traffic and do things like Hulu or Spotify use outside the U.S. or measure an Internet connection . As TorrentFreak reports, the Swedish payment service Payson received an email stating that the no longer allowed to accept payments from Visa or Mastercard for a policy change.

Payson is used to take payments as iPredator VPN services, created by one of the founders of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, and others like Anonine, Mullvad, VPNTunnel and Privatvpn.

Apparently the measure aims to address Internet to avoid using anonymous P2P networks, although Sunde said the move could be an effort to prevent people online cover their tracks and avoid massive espionage as the PRISM program in the United USA.

Sunde added that iPredator consider legal action in this case and that the service will accept other payment methods, “as Bitcoin “.

Link: Mastercard and Visa start banning VPN providers (TorrentFreak)

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