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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Companies |

MasterCard has a credit card with LCD display and keypad

MasterCard has a credit card with LCD display and keypad

Credit cards so far have been fairly simple in use and operation mode, but has just introduced a new model rather more sophisticated would seek to change things in the field of payment.

The card has an screen and a mini-keyboard, and was presented by the company in Singapore. The idea of these additives is to eliminate the need to walk carrying an authentication device. For some online transactions that need to be safer, banks are required to use a “token”, “Digipass” or a card with codes to be entered to verify the transaction. This “smart” card, the code would be deployed in the LCD.

The buttons would be used to identify with a password that you who asked for the key. The card used to begin in January and plans to use MasterCard globally. In the future, the screen may also display additional information such as the points you have accumulated the customer, the last transaction or balance.

While the companies working on these devices, smartphones manufacturers continue to put their chips in the NFC, they hope could replace the need for these plastics.

Link: New Mastercard has LCD screen and keyboard (BBC)

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