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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Science |

Mathematical designed a mirror that does away with the ‘blind spot’ when driving

Mathematical designed a mirror that does away with the 'blind spot' when driving

cc @ Drexel-University

To all who are starting to drive one of the first things you are taught is to beware of the of the mirror, especially when we leave a lane to overtake another car. We must be aware to avoid accidents. But now we will have extra help because a professor of mathematics at (USA) has designed a special mirror as: Eliminate the blind spot.

How do you do? It has become a slightly curved mirror increases the field of view with minimum distortion is hardly noticeable. This mirror get a broader view than the traditional rearview mirrors, in particular 45 degrees compared to 15 or 17 degrees from normal view mirrors.

The mirrors that are commonly used in the mirrors are flat with the intention of offering a good view of the distance of the cars that are behind it. Implications: There is a part behind the car that is not visible to the driver’s eyes, what is called the blind spot.

The origin of this new mirror we should not be surprising because its creator is a mathematician: The design was accomplished using a mathematical algorithm that precisely controls the angle of light as it bounces off the mirror slightly curved. That if we explained easily.

If we complicate it a bit more, in fact the mirror surface is the result of “many smaller mirrors that rotate at different angles” and the algorithm “is a series of calculations to manipulate the direction” of each small mirror.

The bad thing is that according to current U.S. regulations, the driver’s side mirrors should be compulsorily a plane mirror. Of course, could be sold as a separate product to install in the car after purchase. However, in Asia and Europe can be placed on new cars that are slightly curved mirrors.

For if the invention really is good and improves our vision at the wheel hopefully soon adapt to the car, even as an added plus.

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