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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Science |

Mayan culture experts insist that the world does not end this year

Mayan culture experts insist that the world does not end this year

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Archaeologists and culture traveled from the U.S. and Germany to meet with Mexican colleagues in Merida, which hosted the symposium “The time in thought.” This topic has been appearing more frequently lately, considering that we are three months of the year is completed, where many have predicted that on December 21 the world will end according to a supposed prophecy.

“The Mayan prophecies made, but not in a fateful, but about events that, according to its cyclical conception of history could be repeated in the future,” said Alfredo Barrera, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) .

The Mayans used a long count calendar to calculate large periods, called Tziikhaab. In turn, this calls included baktun time measurements corresponding to 144,000 days. In the calendar, 13 baktun (5125 years) constituted an “era” in the calendar, and according to this calculation time, on December 21 will end the fifth was the universe according to the Maya, and start another.

The end of the world, says anthropologist at the University of Quintana Roo, Alexander Voss, “are thoughts that, really, they have nothing to do with the Mayan culture. Dawn of a new era. It’s a reboot. That purpose is not to find something of the Mayan culture. “

In fact, I recently found another baktun calendar includes 17 instead of 13, indicating that the time will continue.

According to experts, the ancient Maya were extremely interested in future events, even beyond 21 December. “There are many ancient Mayan monuments dealing events to occur more in the future than now. The ancient Maya believed in things that clearly would pass on much longer, “said Geoffrey Braswell, University of California at San Diego.

“The Mayan Long Count is like the odometer of a vehicle. My first car was six digits then came to 99,999.9 miles. That does not mean that the car exploded if reached 100,000 miles “, he said.

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