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Mazinger Z Happy Anniversary! Today is 40 years after its premiere on TV

Mazinger Z Happy Anniversary!  Today is 40 years after its premiere on TV

(Cc) flickr La Tête Krançien

On a Monday like today but in 1972, was born (televise speaking) a robot that would become the hero of millions of children and adults also during the 40 years of life that meets today: Mazinger Z.

“In heaven castle stands a black steel. The super robot Mazinger Z “. The first verses of the original song began to sound through Fuji TV signal in the homes of Japanese children on December 3, 1972, who from then on, for the next two years, were fortunate enough to see the 92 chapters forming the complete saga of this droid piloted by Koji Kabuto brave.

Mazinger Z revolutionized the world of comic robot because, despite being born after Gigantor (1956, known as Ironman 28 in Mexico and Tetsujin 28 Go in Japan) and Astroboy (1951 and 1963 as manga and anime), the Manga and animation experts in Japanese consider it the first robot manned by a human being, how it worked in symbiosis with its pilot, which started the genre Mecha , cradle of worldwide hits like Voltron, Macross, Robotech, Transformers and Evangelion .

This cartoon was created by Go Nagai, faithful follower of Ironman 28 and Astroboy, and the company filed September 12, 1972, at the prestigious manga weekly Shukan Shonen Jump . As they advanced its 92 chapters, the super robot was having some allies. They were Aphrodite A, Minerva X, Boss Robot, Diana A Great Mazinger and a clone much stronger and better technology, which not only saves the original Z Mazinger but would walk to the start of the second series of the series.

Mazinger Z would have several consequences. In the first stage were Great Mazinger and UFO Robo Grendizer, which was finished polishing the manned Mecha Robot concept. In the following, X and Getter Robo Groizer introduces the first concepts of transformable robots, all ideas that lay the groundwork for future generations of the genre Mecha series.

Today, adults between 30 and 40 who were children when it came out and then when he became televised in the West, are followers of cult collectors pieces and large scale as well as videos, movies, spin offs and hundreds of other derivations of original cartoon, all marketed worldwide under license from Japan’s Bandai.

Curiously, Chile was the first South American country to air the series in 1979, through the Catholic University of Chile signal TV, Channel 13 now. In 1981 it was moved to schedule at 11 AM, but due to the protests of parents, church and Mothers Center of Chile, was withdrawn by its “content macho, sexist and violent.” In 1980 launching in Paraguay and Venezuela, in 1981 in Argentina (Channel 9) and in 1984 in Mexico through Channel 5.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet we can enjoy and refresh some memories of those times when, as many imagine, we left everything, homework, snack, outdoor play, whatever, to listen to the first verse of the song or the battle cry of our favorite robot: “Fists Out!”

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