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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

McAfee Application distorts your Facebook photos to your safety

McAfee Application distorts your Facebook photos to your safety

The company McAfee released a social welfare service in beta mode today. This free application runs as an extension in Firefox and lets you distort your to anyone but your friends can see them. Sure, so your friends can see them need to install this same application.

The “social care” also prevents your photos are downloaded, shared or even that they can take a screenshot. Additionally, the application uses face reconocimeinto to search within Facebook pictures where you show up, but without a tag with your name, if found, sends a message to let you know immediately.

If you use this protective Just keep in mind a few things: It only works from Firefox 8 and Internet Explorer 8 or higher, only runs on Windows 7 and you would have to make everyone in your social network the same software installed.

I understand that part of the protection, with both social networking maniac never know what can happen, but I think before you install anything, remember the basic rule of the internet: If you are on the Internet is a porn version of it … no, wait, that rule is not. Do not accept any stranger. So easy and simple, not like they get a sniff, Facebook security set so that only friends and family can see your content and do not add to strangers, if after This still having problems, then yes, this protection installed.

Link: This Handy Facebook App Will Automatically McAfee Blur From Your Photos (Business Insider)

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